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A suite of applications for business productivity


Create, design, and manage employee seating arrangement in office.


Design, develop, use, and update capital expenditure request processes.


Get flexibility in online survey design and tailor questions for your audience.

About TheSafeOrg.com

Turn investments to business growth with RFE

Request For Expenditure

  • Create a uniform request process across all departments and divisions.
  • Design hierarchy-driven approvals and setup business rules with workflow editor.
  • Get transparency into the ongoing RFE approval process and view the current status.
  • Get reports on overall process efficiency or different RFE approval requests.
  • Easy-to-use portal to add project expense related details.

Optimize the office space to maximize workplace productivity

Office Seating Arrangement

  • Real time space usage matrix for flexible seat allocation and scheduling.
  • Create, plan, and manage the most productive and engaging hybrid schedules.
  • Automated desk allocation based on recommendations and requirements.
  • Create visually appealing interactive floor plans to assign seats.
  • Promote collaboration by letting the teams sit close to each other.

Build tailored surveys & questions and target them to your audience


  • Create, edit, and organize custom questions without any coding.
  • Easy-to-build question set with drag-and-drop interface and configurable designs.
  • Personalize user journey with questions based on answers and build dynamic questions.
  • Get real time feedback from your audience and boost their engagement.
  • Intelligent search option with typeahead suggestions for questions and answers.

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