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Faster response analysis 
Responsive surveys
Faster accessibility

Users & admins can analyze survey responses better & faster.

Users can create the right responsive surveys with exceptional user experience.

Create & design surveys that uncover insights & improve decision-making.

Engaging & aesthetic 
Minimal errors 
Suggestions & improvements 

Create aesthetic & engaging surveys that intrigue your target audience.

Maintain survey accuracy standards with minimal risk of errors.

Improve your surveys with user suggestions & feedback.

Ensure Workplace Security

Provide a safe and healthy work atmosphere for your employees through a complete desk management solution.

Interactive Floor Plans

Allow admins and supervisors to import created and updated floor maps, view and manage desk occupancy, and more.

Fastrack seat allocation

Move away from error prone spreadsheets to a more interactive tool for allocating seats.

Device Compatibility

Get the functionalities of our contact tracing solution on any device – desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain visibility into multiple facility dimensions with real time reports and take data driven decisions.

Data Security

Get assured of your data safety and security in the hands of authentic owners without any breach.

Get an intuitive and user-friendly platform to streamline employee seat allocation, view and analyze floor plan, create, edit, and review possible workplace scenarios, and more.

Employee Seat Allocation

Subtly finesse the arrangement of your office space without physically moving anything. Use this tool to attach floor plans and allocate cubicles for your employees while carefully disrupting the seating arrangement on a weekly basis.

Employee Schedule Management

Manage weekly schedule for your team members with an easy-to-use data portal. Create a schedule for an existing team, department, and location, deciding which employee should come to the workplace on a particular day of the week.

Optimal Space Utilization

Manage weekly schedule for your team members with an easy-to-use data portal. Create a schedule for an existing team, department, and location, deciding which employee should come to the workplace on a particular day of the week.

Design your Desking Concepts

Choose whether you want to clump your employees together in a group by placing them in the same cubicles or arrange desks scattered across the workplace to give space for individual performers. Make tweaking your employee seating arrangement a simple task.

Why TheSafeOrg.com?

TheSafeOrg.com’s provides a holistic and comprehensive solution to all your finance management, employee health management, workplace needs, and other issues.

Health Screening

Ensure a healthy workplace through frequent employee health assessments using a user-friendly portal with automated reporting and notifications capabilities.


Add, create, and develop customized questions for your target audience and get a fl exible online surveying tool.

RFE Approval System

Manage authorization for project expenses and capital expenditure approvals with an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface for designing and updating CapEx requests.

Employee Vaccination Tracker

Manage workplace vaccination, schedule vaccinations, and ensure a safe and healthy return to office for your employees.

Contact Tracing Tool

Monitor possible physical contacts in the organization and take precautionary measures to minimize workforce health risks.

Trusted and Secure Platform with proven credibility for all kinds of industry verticals.

TheSafeOrg.com’s Office Seating Arrangement tool has successfully enabled a lot of organizations across multiple industrial domains like manufacturing, healthcare, education, banking, etc. to manage their office seating arrangement and adapt easily to the new hybrid work trend.

A healthcare company managed occupancy rate at its OPD center by ensuring patients with most urgent medical requirements are accommodated while guaranteeing social distancing norms and sanitized premises at the same time.


A K-12 public school successfully reopened its campus after the pandemic with a flexible and safe classroom and staffroom seating arrangement along with healthcare norms like health screenings, contact tracing, and vaccination tracking using TheSafeOrg.com’s healthcare monitoring applications.


A manufacturing company recently accomplished the space and occupancy goals for its factory unit by integrating TheSafeOrg.com’s Office Seating Arrangement tool to its existing people management system allowing reporting managers to implement effective spacing strategies for employees.


A leading bank was able to manage the hybrid working model for its workforce by using TheSafeOrg.com’s Office Seating Arrangement tool to view and analyse workplace occupancy trends, manage seat reservations, and much more.